After Graduating College, Dr Rosenman attended Rutgers University and obtained a degree in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, M.Sc.B. Landing a position as QA/QC supervisor for a large Pharmacutical company, Dr Rosenman learned that his improtant and technical duties were not all that exciting- and quite boring, in fact.  During his two years of employment with this company, Dr Rosenman met several podiatic physicians who turned him on to Podiatric Medicine and Rehabilitation. Within six months, Dr Rosenman had decided to commit to an education and career in Podiatric Medicine.   

Dr Rosenman Started his podiatric career and education at NYCPM, the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and later attended his surgical Residency in Philadephia at the Veterans Medical Center.  His education and additional training have created a dedicated, well rounded physician that is experienced in diverse aspects of medically and surgically based Podiatry.   

Dr Rosenman first worked in Philadelphia after his Residency and later transferred to Southern New Jersey.  Dr Rosenman entered into private practice shortly after.  He joined the Inspira Health Network Hospital system as well as Inspira's Wound Care Center and various Rehabilitation facilities.  Dr Rosenman then decided to venture off, opening his own office at the current location in Voorhees New Jersey.  Dr Rosenman has a simple and comfortable office, offering all types of podiatric services.  Currently Dr Rosenman performs most surgeries in-office, which often eliminates full pre operative work up as well as IV sedation.  Dr Rosenman believes that most podiatric problmes and foot pain can be successfully treated with conservative forms of therapy.  Foot and Ankle Care of South Jersey is open daily as well as options for Saturday appointments.  Dr Rosenman currently lives in the local area with his family and enjoys multiple activities and hobbies in his spare time.